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Dad, Daddy, Daddio

If only we could go back to June 25th, you drove us to Dom’s graduation, you were as proud as can be. When they called Dom’s name you screamed so loud. Your baby boy was now a highschool graduate. Little did he know he’d be the ” man of the house ” just 12 days later.

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All time low isn't playing warped. They only played at a special Alaska date. Just thought id let you know cuz I don't want to see someone get their hopes up and be really let down! Sorry for the bad news!

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My mistake, I noticed after I had posted the list.

Thank you !

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when you loose a parent there’s nothing in this damn world that will ever fucken break you… EVER!

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I still can’t believe my Dad is gone, it’s not clicking….

i feel like he’s just at work but he’s not…. FUCK

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doing an experiment. Reblog if you aren’t wearing shoes







…why do I feel so awkward reblogging this

Shoot, any time I’m at home I’m out of my shoes…

of course i’m not wearing shoes

I’m not wearing any clothes, why should I be wearing shoes?

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Stories in the Dark - Paradise Fears

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i’m obsessed with everyone being obsessed with me. i need everybody to love me.

— Samuel Miller | Paradise Fears

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when nobody shows up.


i sometimes wonder what would happen if we played a rock show & nobody came.

(came as in, nobody showed up, you sickos)

like, if we were to go on stage in portland, austin, tampa, or buffalo (total a coincidence that i happened to come up with the four cities that are lagging behind in…

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